Office 365 now available on Android devices

Up until now Microsoft’s Office Suite has only been available on iOS but that has just changed with its release to the Google Play store today. The mobile version has document creation and edit modes for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and allows you to store documents on the device itself or online using SkyDrive. As with the iOS version, you require a subscription of Office 365 to be able to access this mobile app. Although Office 365 is currently only available in the US it is expected that it will be opened up to Canadian users soon.

Source: Mobile Syrup, Boy Genius Report, Engadget


Nexus 7 available on July 31 in Canada (Update)

Update: The Nexus 7 is now up for pre-order at Best Buy and Future Shop with it being available on July 30 in limited quantities.

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Although it was only expected “in the coming weeks” in Canada it seems that Google’s Nexus 7 will actually be available on July 31 according to a leaked Staples flyer. This new Nexus, which will be loaded with Android 4.3, has: a 7” full HD (1920 x 1200) display, a 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon Processor, 2 GB of RAM, 5 MP rear / 1.2 MP front cameras and dual rear mounted speakers. The flyer only mentions the 16 GB model which it will be selling for $249, $20 more than the US price.

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iTunes Gift Cards on Sale

If you are a frequent flyer at Apple’s iTunes store you may want to head down to Future Shop before Sunday July 28 to pick up a discounted iTunes gift card. All Apple gift cards of $50 or more are 20% off, these can be used to purchase everything from music, movies, TV shows, books to Apps on Mac App Store.

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Interested in a smartphone with Ubuntu, head on over to Indiegogo and help finance it (Update)

Update: As of 12:30 pm (EST) on July 26, Canonical has raised $6,579,671. The company has since added new categories of rewards based on your contribution level. It has 27 days left to reach its goal of $32 million.

Today Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, announced a $32 million fund raising campaign on Indiegogo to get its device, the Edge, to market by May 2014. As a special introductory perk, those who contribute $600 before July 23 at 16:00 BST will get their very own Edge, the company is expected to be selling it for $830 at the time of release next year. See the Indieogo Campaign home for the various perks that you will get as a contributor. The device will have a 4.5 inch 720 p screen, with a quad core CPU, 4 GB of RAM, an incredible 128 GB of storage, 8MP rear / 2 MP front facing camera and stereo speakers. In terms of connectivity, the Edge will likely have a LTE radio, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. True to its word of trying to merge the desktop and mobile operating systems, the phone will be capable of running Ubuntu or Android and will turn into a PC when docked with an external monitor. The Edge will only be developed if Canonical reaches its goal of $32 million by August 21, as of July 22 at 12:30 pm (EST), it was at $240,000 so it is well on its way. If the goal is not reached the company says that it will continue to pursue its strategy of developing and bringing to market a more basic Ubuntu smartphone.

Sources: Engadget, The Verge and Indiegogo

Good old Canadian “get ‘er done” attitude brings gigabit per second access to small Alberta town

While most rural towns in Canada have to get by with only minimal internet speeds, Olds, a small Alberta town took the “bull” by the horns and brought ultra fast internet speeds to its community itself. It not only built its own fibre optic network, but when it encountered commercial ISP’s that were reluctant to offer their services on a network they had not installed themselves, the town purchased the necessary equipment and started its own ISP. The project did not come cheap, it cost about $13 to $14 million to bring the service to the town of 8,500 people, it was financed through grants from the Alberta government and a loan from the town of Olds. It is expected that 100% of the town’s residents and businesses will have access to the network by 2014. The cost of the gigabit service will vary from $57 to $90 per month. As a comparison, high speed access of 175 to 250 megabits per second, offered by Bell and Rogers typically costs about $115 to $226 per month. Similar ultra fast internet access presently being piloted by Google in the US costs about $70 per month. Having affordable, high speed access to the internet is expected to encourage new businesses to set up in the small town as well help to expand programs at the local college. There is certainly a lesson to be learned by other under serviced areas within Canada, if the big commercial ISP’s don’t want to provide the access that you want, you should just build it yourself.

Source: CBC News

Rogers and Bell expand offerings on Mobile TV

Well it seems that Rogers and Bell are finally getting along with each other as they both recently announced additions of the other media giant’s offerings to their own mobile TV applications. Rogers Anyplace TV app users, available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry will see the addition of TSN and TSN2 immediately, with access to CTV and CTV Two coming in the fall. For its part Bell subscribers to its Mobile TV application will now get access to Rogers’ owned City and Sportsnet channels, Sportsnet East, Sportsnet Ontario, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet Pacific. Of course you won’t be getting any of this for free as both Rogers and Bell charge $5 per month for 10 hours of mobile TV access.

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Microsoft bundles Office 365 subscriptions with Xbox Live

Microsoft announced that customers who purchase a year’s subscription to Office 365 Home Premium or a four year subscription to Office 365 University will get one year of Xbox Live Gold at no extra cost. This deal is being offered to Canada, Australia, the majority of Europe and parts of Asia and South America, strangely the US is not included. Included in the $99 per year subscription is access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher for up to 5 PC’s or Macs. Microsoft just recently released an iOS App that also allows it’s Office 365 subscribers to access the popular software on iPhones. The offer will be in place starting from July 18 until September 28 and is only for new customers.

Source: Engadget, The Verge and Microsoft