Spot the Space Station

Did you ever see a bright object moving in the sky and wander what it is.  If it looks higher and seems to be moving faster than your average airplane then chances are it is the International Space Station (ISS).  When the ISS can be seen, it is the third brightest object in the sky as it moves in a low earth orbit (approximately 419 km) at an average speed of 27,600 km/h.  NASA has made it easy for you to spot the station by automatically notifying you when it is going overhead in your area.  You can sign up for text or email alerts at Spot the Station.  Remember that if you are outside of the US then your carrier may apply fees for SMS text messages so it may be best to provide an email address.  The NASA database determines sighting opportunities for 4,600 locations so if you city or town is not listed pick one that is the closest to you.  Happy viewing.  


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