Rogers Nextbox 3.0 versus Nextbox 2.0

Here is a quick summary comparing the Rogers Nextbox 3.0 versus Nextbox 2.0:

  • 8 digital tuners: this allows the simultaneous recording of 8 programs at the same time compared to 2 on previous Rogers models;
  • 1TB hard drive: this allows for the recording of up to 120 hours of HD programming, previous models had only 160 GB to 500 GB of capacity;
  • the Nextbox 3.0 has the ability to output 1080p to your television; some previous models had this as an option but it did not work well;
  • Outputs: HDMI (1), Component (1), Composite (1), Digital Audio, eSATA, LAN; previous models had these same outputs but in addition they had a S-video output;
  • you are no longer able to power devices by plugging them into the back of the box as was possible with previous versions;
  • smaller footprint: the new model is about 40% smaller thanks to having the power transformer (power brick) outside of the box; and
  • although you no longer get any coaxial cables, an HDMI cable is included with the Nextbox 3.0.
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