The devices listed below are used with a PC based computer, although some of the devices are compatible and have been used with Apple computers (e.g. HP Photosmart D 7460 wireless printer).

  • Printer

HP Photosmart D 7460: A good wireless, network color printer which prints on regular sized paper as well as photographic paper.  It has 5 color toner cartridges in addition to a larger black cartridge.  It was fairly easy to setup but I would recommend that you install only the minimum drivers needed to run the printer.  HP has a reputation for over complicating printer software and very little of its functionality is lost if you rely on software already available in Windows XP or Windows 7.

  • Scanner

HP Scanjet 4890: Scans 35mm, medium-format, and 4- by 5-inch film, documents, and photographic prints.  Pretty descent scan quality.  As already mentioned above with the Photosmart printer, only install the drivers and software required to operate the scanner, much of the HP software is buggy and causes compatibility issues.

  • Video capture device

Hauppauge HP PVR: USB device that is able to capture HD signals at resolutions up to  1080i.  HD-PVR records component video  (YCrCb) from video game consoles and cable TV and satellite set top boxes, while audio is recorded using two channel stereo or optical audio with five channel Dolby Digital.  The image quality is very good, especially if you are capturing a source at 1080i, at this resolution, though the resulting video files could be quite large, up to 8 GB per hour.  The software and hardware are prone to glitching and it was often necessary to turn on Preview while recording to ensure that it would run smoothly.

  • TV tuner

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1850: An internal tuner that brings over-the-air high definition ATSC digital TV and analog cable TV to your PC.  It has two tuners to simplify connections The WinTV-HVR-1850 has two tuners: one for analog cable TV and one for ATSC/QAM digital TV. You can connect both cable TV and an ATSC digital TV antenna at the same time.

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) device

Western Digital World Book Live: A network attached storage device with 1TB of space.  Fairly straightforward setup and compatibility with PC’s as well as with Apple computers.  Once setup, the device shows up as a Network drive on PC’s and a shared drive on Apple computers that can be accessed by all users on your home network.

Western Digital Media Players can access and play all types of media files located on this drive and does not require the main computer to be on.  This NAS is also compatible with iTunes so that your media can be stored on this device but the computer with your iTunes library must be on for it to be accessible.


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