Apple TV (3rd generation)

It was not a total surprise that an upgrade to the Apple TV was unveiled on March 7 along with a new iPad.  The fact that the new iPad can now deliver video in 1080p meant that an update to the specs of the Apple TV, only capable of delivering 720 p, was a given.  In fact, due to its interconnectivity to the iPad through AirPlay, Apple’s set top box is considered by many as must have accessory for the tablet.  Granted the box has apps that make connection to streaming services such as Netflix, NHL and MLB a snap, there is no easier way to get your iPad’s and soon your Mac’s computer screen on your HD TV for all to enjoy.  It also now allows quicker access to your iTunes purchases of music, books and television shows through an improved iCloud interface.  Access to your movie purchases through iCloud is available in the US but not in Canada. So for those of you who have several Apple devices and make regular purchases from the iTunes store, this is a slam dunk.

Apple also updated the UI.  The same main menu items,  Movies, TV shows, Music, Computers and Settings are present but they look more like the stylized icons you would see on your iPhone or iPad.  In addition to these buttons, there are are a series of app like icons below them for quick connections to Netflix, YouTube and Flickr.  Although people with the second generation Apple TV can’t enjoy 1080p video, they will receive this new UI with a software update which is available now.  The new update includes closer integration with Netflix, as you can now sign up for the service directly through your Apple TV and pay for it using your iTunes account.  Wow, it can’t be easier than that.

Finally, to enjoy the 1080p capabilities of this device, their is a ton of new true HD quality video in the iTunes store.  As an added bonus, any media you have previously purchased on the store can be redownloaded in 1080p, if it is available.

The new Apple TV is available for preorder now on  The cost of the device is $109, which is $10 less than the previous generation.

Source: The Verge


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