Adware Removal on Mac Computers

More and more people are being infected by Adware lately, especially since its creators have now expanded into the Apple universe. Adware is basically software that gets installed on your computer’s browser. In the best case scenario it causes endless popup menus to show up on every page that you open; in the worst case you are unable to browse the internet. This type of malware is often packaged together with other software installers. So if you notice that you are suddenly being bombarded with unwanted advertising and pop windows you were likely infected by software that you recently installed sometimes inadvertently.

Since Adware is not officially malware, most virus removal tools can’t detect and remove it. Luckily people have devised ways to remove it. I recently became infected with Downlite adware on a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air and this is my story.


Stream Live TV to your iOS device

A site that just seemed to pop out of nowhere, iOSLiveTV, allows you to watch live TV on your iPad or iPhone.  It also seems to work on Mac computers, but not on Windows PC’s. The site has television stations from various countries around the world, including: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and India.  There are also several Arabic stations listed.  Given the television networks controlling nature it is likely only a matter of time before the site gets pulled down due to copyright violations so you might want to head over to the site quickly.  There have been reports that some stations don’t work in some countries so there is likely some sort of filter in place that is based on your IP address.

Source: iPhone in Canada