If you are not ready for Windows 10, you better keep an eye on those automatic Microsoft updates

It’s no secret that Microsoft really, really wants all of its users to update to Windows 10.  Not only are they giving it away for free (in classic Apple style) but they have also made it easy to upgrade by installing a Windows 10 icon on the system tray.   It has also recently been confirmed by Microsoft that it is downloading Windows 10 installation files on to those computers whose users have opted into automatic updates.  Therefore many users have already downloaded all of the files necessary, 3-6 GB worth of them, to start installing Redmond’s latest and greatest operating system whether they wanted to or not.  Engadget has just reported that Microsoft has taken this a step further by now ticking the “Update to Windows 10” box in the Windows updater by default.  Both the Windows icon and installation files can be removed easily enough but turning back the clock on an entire operating system update requires a little more time and finesse.  Although Microsoft has told Ars Technica that making the OS install take place by default was an error on their part and that they will correct this, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on that next round of automatic updates so that you don’t get more than you bargained for.

Apple now closes security hole in OS X

As reported earlier Apple has had to deal with a pretty serious security flaw on its mobile operating system. It has now addressed the same issue on it operating system running on Macs with the latest update, 10.9.2. If you were not aware both versions of the operating systems had a SSL vulnerability that could allow third parties access to your device. So if you have not gotten the update yet you should visit the Mac App Store and download it now. Although it is now only available for Mavericks it will soon be available for other versions of OS X.

Don’t forget to update your Apple TV which is also running iOS.

Source: Engadget

Apple releases update to iOS

Apple just released iOS 7.0.6 to deal with SSL connection verification issues.  Conspiracy theorists believe this will fix a back door that the NSA was exploiting but most people think that it is just a plain old security vulnerability.  Whatever the reason you should download the over the air update as soon as you can.

Source: iPhone in Canada


Mountain Lion update now available for download

Apple released OS X 10.8.3 this week with a number of fixes and enhancements, including official support for Boot Camp for Windows 8.  The update also brings with it the ability to redeem iTunes gift cards in the App store by using the built-in iSight camera.  Other enhancements include:

  • Boot Camp support for Macs with a 3 TB hard drive
  • fix for 2011 iMacs that suffer from audio stutter
  • fix for an issue that causes your desktop picture to change after logging out or restarting
  • ability for the Slideshow screen saver to display pictures located in a sub-folder
  • reliability improvements while using a Microsoft Exchange account in Mail

The new release also includes Safari 6.0.3 which itself addresses a number of fixes and adds a number of performance improvements.  Some of these are: improved scrolling on Facebook and while zoomed in on a webpage, improved performance on web pages with plug-in content, and a fix for issue that could prevent Safari from restoring the last position on a webpage.

Acceptance rates of iOS Updates, Authorized and Not

Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to fix the Exchange calendar bug that caused large battery drain issues on February 19. Just 5 days later, 34.9% of iOS web traffic were seen as using the new operating system. The acceptance rate is pretty well unparalleled by other mobile OS’s. Most Apple device users want to get the latest version as soon as possible even though the update provides only minor bug fixes as was the case for this update. It does help that iOS devices receive their updates directly from Apple and not from their carriers which happens for most other cell phone and tablet devices. What now seems to go hand in hand with the updates to the latest mobile OS for Apple users is the downloading of the latest jailbreaking tool, eavsiOn. Now, a month after it was released, it has been reported that more than 14 million iOS devices running iOS 6.x were accessing Cydia, the jailbroken app store. The total number of Apple devices accessing the unauthorized store over the last month was up to 23 million. Not only do Apple owners like their authorized updates, but the jailbreaking has gotten so common place that, unauthorized updates are also becoming a normal part of their ritual.

Source: Boy Genius Report and Apple Insider

Blackberry 10 now available for downloading

Even though Blackberry 10 has been out for less than a month there is already an update available. Changes to note in the new version are: improved battery performance, improved performance of “third party apps”, superior low-light performance of the camera, better media performance in the browser and fixes to Gmail calendar issues. Blackberry reports that the update is available immediately on Rogers, Fido and Telus but expects more widespread availability in the weeks to come.

Source: Engadget and Mobile Syrup

Apple Software Updates

If you have an iOS device then you’re in store for an update today as iOS 6.1 is now available for downloading. Not much to look forward to here other than the usual incremental improvements and bug fixes. A couple of things to note are: LTE support for more carriers, iTunes match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud and there is a new button to resent the Advertising identifier. Also receiving an update today is Apple TV which will now have Bluetooth keyboard support as well as the ability to play your iTunes purchased music directly from iCloud on their Apple TV.

Source: Engadget Apple TV and iOS