Netflix to stream The Interview

According to Engadget Netflix will have the controversial film The Interview available for streaming in Canada and the US starting on Saturday January 24. This is just a month after its unconventional release on Christmas Day. Sony has reportedly already made $40 million from its online sales and will release it on Blu-Ray on February 17.


Rogers to offer 50 MB US Roaming data plan

Other Rogers news yesterday involved the introduction of a new Roaming data plan for visitors to the U.S. Starting in the spring, you can purchase 50 MB of data for use while you are in the U.S. for $7.99. This data has to be used within a 24 hour period. According to Rogers this will be enough to “view approximately 50 maps, 200 web pages, 1,000 emails or over 5,000 tweets”. This seems like a hefty price to pay to access only 50 MB of data. For people with unlocked devices there are many other cheaper options which usually involve exchanging your SIM card with a pre-paid one specific for the country your are visiting.

Source: iPhone in Canada