In the past, the desktop computer was nothing more than a sophisticated word processing device that was used to create documents and the occasional spreadsheet.  As the digital age took off, the computer became the repository of all of your data, including serving as a music library and housing your family’s photograph and home movie collection.  Now that everyone has become reliant on the data, how could it be accessed more easily on other computers in the network or viewed on your television.  More importantly how could this data be protected so that if the computer’s hard drive failed the data could be recovered. 

In the past getting audio, video or even data from one device to another was a frontier only the bravest of geeks would venture into.  As these devices and the type of data they process become mostly digital in nature, this interconnectivity is becoming easier and easier.  With the advent of the internet and wireless networks, this once complex and time consuming task is becoming faster and faster.  Companies, like Apple have recognized the usefulness of this interconnectivity and started producing hardware and software that make this task easier.  It is only now that other companies like Microsoft are recognizining this need and turning a fragmented digital experience with their products into a more connected experience. 

In this group of pages I will explore all aspects of data storage and backup and the access of this data with computers, tablets, smart phones on your LAN as well from anywhere on the internet.

So how can you view and perhaps edit digital content that was created on one device on other devices, after all a byte is a byte is a byte…  As well how can you ensure that these bytes are safe and secure.  These topics are discussed in Data Storage and Backup Solutions.


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